Mission: To respond thoughtfully and responsibly to my experiences of drinking and dining at restaurants with regard to the quality, service, preparation, presentation and overall experience received thereat. The standpoint is one who respects the crafts of the chef and sommelier and who seeks to understand their choices in the kitchen and cellar and grow in knowledge. In this, I will seek to be fair, reasoned, direct and constructive and aim to keep my ego in check on our mutual journeys through the worlds of food and wine.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Antipodean, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar 29th June 2011

Lots of people are having business meetings at coffee bars and cafes. Armed with their iPads and iPhones, they haunt the likes of Starbucks and Plan B in Bangsar Village. Deals are marketed and secured over coffee and eggs on toast, email checked and sorted - different world to the one I remember. My mate the Bald One uses these places as his office. He sends Junior Bald to school around the corner in the morning then parks up for breakfast and business. I joined him at his request for a meet with some prospects to discuss a venture. He decided to decamp today on intelligence that the Antipodean had bacon and sausage. Also, it had stopped raining and would be a dry walk.

Well, the walk wasn't dry, but the intelligence was correct. The all day breakfast did not disappoint with toast, scrambled egg, sausage and the most amazing hash brown, all for RM18. The side serving of bacon was also most generous at RM7. Didn't get round to coffee. Light and airy ambiance, with lots of glass window from which you can watch lorries squeezing past through the adjoining lane. I remember the space used to be a dark gloomy bar at one time. Nice change, though the place would maybe get a bit cramped when full. Pleasant attentive staff, Cookies looked good, must try next time. The Bald One was very happy at getting his daily pig. Nothing like a Big Happy Bald One...

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