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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elegant Inn Menara Hap Seng June 11 2011

Saturday 11th June

Got taken to the Elegant Inn in what used to be MUI Plaza but is now Menara Hap Seng. Is Hong Kong style cuisine, which I have yet to learn how to appreciate. Started well with the Siew Yoke but faded for me after that. The next memorable dish was the rice at the end. The scallop and goose feet delicacies just don't jive with my stomach. The Saint Clair 2007 Sauvignon Blanc went nicely with the rice, which was a bit glutinous and sticky, so the acid cut through the gunk in the food. The 2007 Saint Clair has been a good friend over the past few years and has stayed remarkably crisp and refreshing. Not many left now... we have some 2009 which is still nice, though we was a bit disappointed with the 2010 we tried. Bit thin and overly grassy, as memory serves. Maybe is time to try again.

The company was delightful, intelligent conversation is always nice. Topic of the day was the Obedient Wives Club, and we got talking about why it is that so many educated women of faith still follow the husband's word to the letter. Couldn't figure it out. More is the case, all us spoken for guys are already signed up life members of the Obedient Husbands club... and wouldn't have it any other way!!

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