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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amante Dinner Villa Danieli Sheraton May 5 2011

Thursday 5th May 2011
Having been pressganged into signing up for the Starwood Card, it seemed like gentle fate when the Amante group decided to hold their May gathering at Villa Danieli at the Sheraton Imperial to test out the newly installed chef. The Amante are a semi loose group of people who enjoy Italian food in Kuala Lumpur and get together once a month at a different Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. They try to maintain a ceiling of RM120 for the dinner, though this should be increasingly difficult given the global economy and rising inflation. Possibly for this reason, the Villa Daniele dinner had a price tag of RM150 a pop; the the hope was that it would be worth it. If it was, I didn't feel it, although there were no major complaints from the assembled. Appetizer of Salmon and cold Fish terrine with caper and basil sauce was tasty, though some felt it was overdone with the salt. Needed a decent wine to match it and the house Ruffino white didn't quite cut it. Main course of pan fried lamb loin was excellent, melt in the mouth succulent and the mash and gravy made for a delightful experience. Again, the house Ruffino Chianti failed to match the food. Didn't touch the Chocolate Mousse dessert, though everyone else scarfed it down swiftly. Whilst both wines came with welcome refills, it was a shame that a better wine could not have been found to fit the food. But that's the Amante - always pressing for value and sometimes getting good and sometimes getting a little. The coffee took an age to reach the table, as did the bill. I'll be back at the Danieli at some time, as my Starwood Card gives me discount. Not sure I would make it my first choice otherwise. Corkage was a bit stiff as well, RM60 as I remember. Asked if Starwood members got free corkage, answer was no. Chinese restaurants rarely charge corkage. Then again, they don't have decent wine glasses, so we bring our own.

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