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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EEST Restaurant 29th June 2011

Needed to return to retrieve a scarf that Dear Lady had left here from dinner the previous week, so we decided to try the lunch.

A RM45 Dim Sum lunch special did not attract the discount from our Starwood card so A La Carte it was. In there was a RM45 Slow Lunch combo of pretty much the same as the Special so we opted for that with additional Goose, Siew Pau and Woh Tip with a pot of tea.

The combo was okay, asparagus and beans in chili, prawn meat dumplings and rice with a quite tasty Siew Yoke. The Goose meat was fine, bit lean but solid and not greasy. Woh Tip was a bit stodgy, the cook adding the ginger to the stuffing in the mixing stage. Stars were the Chicken soup and Siew Pau. Tender meat in clear broth with no oil, and light flour pau with sweet filling.

Dessert of Creme Brulee with Mandarin Orange ice cream was pleasant. Total lunch cost RM55 for two after discount. Bargain. Plus we got free parking at the Westin!! Seems it is first two hours complimentary during the week. Most friendly. On the way out, we noticed there was no buffet at the downstairs eating place. Guess The Westin is off the lunch map for the business crowd. EEST was quite busy, though. May do lunch again - the ambiance of the EEST is quite pleasant and the card and free parking make it worth the trip.

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