Mission: To respond thoughtfully and responsibly to my experiences of drinking and dining at restaurants with regard to the quality, service, preparation, presentation and overall experience received thereat. The standpoint is one who respects the crafts of the chef and sommelier and who seeks to understand their choices in the kitchen and cellar and grow in knowledge. In this, I will seek to be fair, reasoned, direct and constructive and aim to keep my ego in check on our mutual journeys through the worlds of food and wine.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Checkers Restaurant June 16 2011

Thursday 16th June 2011

Birthday dinner at Checkers in Damansara. An old favourite, recently revisited after a number of years when the Pork Ribs were at their excellent best. Assuming tonight would be similar, a bit disappointed when told we were having fish. Though this soon dissipated with the darned good pink champagne brought by the good doctor. Dry bubbles and biscuit nose, brilliant texture and clean laser like fruit raking the tongue. The food was a bit fine dining and very tasty, though writing nearly six days after the food I can't remember exactly what it was. There was starter caviar (perfect with the pink bubbly) followed by ham and a shrimp pasta after which came the fish and then a main and dessert. A Laurent Perrier champagne was opened and discarded for being too sweet (the Pink was a tough act to follow) but the Macon Villages Recolte 2007 proved eminently interesting and a perfect foil for the fish. The restaurant seems to be moving toward fine dining, and whilst the taste was within the concept we thought the portions were a bit too large. Our main was matched with a delightful 2005 Gevrey Chambertin which paired well with the food and drank delightfully on its own. Balance, fragrant, light on the tongue with a texture and finish that sailed into memory. Chef and restaurateur Mr Tan kept the bottle. His dessert of oranges steeped in rosemary was brilliant. Would double as a sorbet. We'll be going back but this time will insist on the ribs.

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