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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marco Polo Restaurant June 18 2011

Saturday 18th June 2011

Another birthday dinner at which I was emcee. I never get to eat much when I am officiating a function, but I did manage to taste the duck at the Marco Polo which was excellent. I am told that the chicken soup was also superb though little mention of the suckling pig or the sea cucumber. The wines were 2009 La Forge Chardonnay from France and 2009 Private Bin Pinot Noir by Villa Maria in New Zealand. We had found each of these at wine dinners and thought they would be excellent for guests. We were right. The La Forge proved crisp and resilient both as aperitif and with the three seasons starter through to the fish. The light and balanced Villa Maria quaffed equally well and gave the duck a lovely bed in the mouth. Thirteen tables went through 24 white and 22 red and five bottles of scotch. Raucous night, totally enjoyable. Our six2eight accapella group sang two sets and Edna gave a very well received speech for her birthday and sang up the New York New York. Ben Choo and his keyboard kept everyone dancing.

Most people said everything was excellent - the food, company, wine and entertainment. It was a good night, one for the ages. The good doctor helped me pack up the sound system I had brought for Six2Eight and we cracked a bottle of Benchmark Chardonnay 2009 at home to wind down. 3am bedtime. Knackered all next day. Edna opened her presents. Lots of wine given as gifts, I think mostly from the wine stores. Lots of tasting coming up!!

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