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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Legend Hotel June 12 2011

Sunday 12th June 2011

Wedding dinner at Legend Hotel. Usual eight course. Salty four seasons, I pass on the shark fin, ordinary chicken with little taste, fish was okay. I miss the prawn, have a bit of the broccoli, and scarf down the rice. Still hungry, so go home and have a Carman's breakfast bar for supper. Time was I would have scarfed down the lot and had seconds. Now am picky about what gets eaten. Trying to be careful on the salt and sugar - hotel kitchens seem to overload their sauces with salt in their Chinese style cuisine.

Edna sings the couple's favourite song "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "The Wedding Song" and does her usual good job. I do my usual Wedding party piece "Yue Liang Tai Piao Wo Ti Shin". They respond so big that I mess up the words. Memo to self - don't get complacent about your songs.

Wine was a standard table - Henri de Laval or something - I have seen it being offered by a couple of wine distributors as a wedding wine, so I presume it is a value proposition. Bit jammy and sweet, not ideal, but okay to chug down and toast.

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