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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daorae Korean food June 10 2011

Friday 10th June 2011

Got invited to a Korean restaurant in Kota Damansara (I think - I get a bit lost two clicks anywhere beyond KL town) called Daorae. The style is that there is a hot charcoal fire and a hot metal plate covers this on which is put the meat to cook. Nice food, the pork was lovely, but the sauces were a bit sweet for the diabetic in me. A 2007 Benchmark Rose which I took from the home fridge went surprisingly well, better than our usual Eaglehawk Chardonnay. Nice crisp acid and fruit cut through the fire and sugar of the sauce. Certainly very good and well prepared Korean style food, though because of the sweet sauces maybe not something I could do on a regular basis. Daorae have a number of outlets across the city, though this one was the flagship. Staff were very friendly, though our host for the night was a regular and was also teaching them English. Always helps when someone in the party has some clout with the kitchen.

Was also the first time using Garmin GPS - brilliant. Got us there and back. The British voice is hilarious, very mat salleh.

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