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Monday, September 21, 2015

Krop Krop Oinkz - excellent pork burger!

Krop Krop Oinkz
Come on in! Or stay outside!
Update 5th March 2016 - they are now closed Saturdays and Sundays
September 19th 2015

The alleyways of Plaza Damas have been lighting up of late with some delightful new eateries. Whilst the inside of the Hartamas Shopping Centre located under the Plaza Damas has a good sprinkling of the usual suspects for those eager to sit with a coffee and sandwich (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe) or a plate of something more substantial (Penang Cafe, Kim Gary), it is on the outside streets where a fantastic little food culture exists and has started seeding some cute new offerings. There were already lots of little Japanese style outlets doing different styles of the cuisine, along with the traditional hawker style Nasi Lemak and Nasi Campur nestling cheek by jowl with Cantonese and Nasi Kandar offerings. Elsewhere on the blog I have written about the fish and chips at the G Spot and the excellent food and service at the Grand Imperial at Plaza Damas. Lenglui and I also had a good experience at a new Japanese Ramen style place just up from our usual Massage spot at the Wellness Centre (can't find the name - the Google Maps for Plaza Damas is way out of date) and we occasionally pop in to the Rakuzen when the need for good sashimi and bento kicks in. Their sushi is excellent. The one odd experience was at the Contena where I got charged extra for having fresh fruit juice without ice. I wouldn't go back but Lenglui has the occasional craving for Nasi Lemak and apparently it is quite good.

We spotted a new outlet called Krop Krop Oinkz next to our Wellness and a look at the menu showed Pork Burgers in a range of presentations. There was seating outside and a pleasant breeze, er, breezing through the alley so we decided to give it a try. I ordered the classic while Lenglui took the one with Onion Rings and we shared a plate of fries. Both burgers were very good - juicy patty with crisp deep fried oyster mushroom and a delightfully slightly moist doughy bun. Would have been perfect with a beer, but there you go. Operations Manager Tjun came out with a dollop of Potato Salad they were taste testing with customers for us to try. Was a bit creamy bland and soft in texture and oversalted as a result of being sprinkled with bacon bits. The lettuce was a bit limp also. I suggested to ditch the bacon and mix the potato with hot dog relish to give some pickle and vinegar zing. On reflection, though, this could react oddly with the signature pork - need to remember there is always a context with food and it all needs to go together on the plate.

Thoroughly satisfied with this. Total with two glasses of ice water was RM44 - maybe a bit stiff for a burger but you'll pay a good chunk more at the TGIF around the corner for the beef version. Will definitely be back to the Krop Krop. Hope they can sustain the quality and price over the long term.

Seems there is another outlet in Section 17 called Oinkzburgers, seemingly in the same area as Soleil and Veneto and all other eateries. Not sure we will get there soon, nor if we would eat there given the only reason we would be in the area would be to actually GO to Soleil et al. But one never knows when the Pork craving will kick in and kudos to the dedicated pig sellers for setting up such oases of the swine - they need to be supported and kept in business. Though given the longevity of a lot of the traditional pig outlets, seems there is sufficient demand to keep them going. Vive le Pig.

PS Whatever happened to Mr Ho?

Krop Krop Oinkz
G-0-1 Plaza Damas
Sri Hartamas
03 6241 0113

016 493 3699

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