Mission: To respond thoughtfully and responsibly to my experiences of drinking and dining at restaurants with regard to the quality, service, preparation, presentation and overall experience received thereat. The standpoint is one who respects the crafts of the chef and sommelier and who seeks to understand their choices in the kitchen and cellar and grow in knowledge. In this, I will seek to be fair, reasoned, direct and constructive and aim to keep my ego in check on our mutual journeys through the worlds of food and wine.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

PRIME, Le Meridien Hotel, July 3rd 2011

A late decision to go here after a planned rehearsal with accapella group Six2eight was cancelled. I love the ambience of Prime - the wod, the bottles stacked to the impossibly high ceiling, the windows onto the kitchen and the chefs all in black, inlcuding the big chef hat. Does get a bit cold, though. They were doing a special on the Black Angus so dearest went for the rib eye while I had the striploin. Mine came with ricotta and greens and was most tasty, though the meat was smeared with the gravy and I prefer mine on the side. It was tasty enough, though, and went well with the cheapest wine on the list, a Beringer Stone Cellar Merlot from 2006. Still prefer the steak at the Dish though - better meat and more of it. The Starwood Card gives us 50% off the food and 20% off the drinks, so the total after tax was about RM300. Not bad for a decent steak with trimmings and a shared bottle. Plus the delightful starter bread and the varieties of herb and garlic butter. Must try the rib eye sans gravy next time.

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