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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Burgundy and The French Riviera (6 of 12) - Cocoon, Cannes

Cocoon signboard

18, rue Bivouac Napoleon, Cannes

Everyone else wanted to get off early to Cannes and visit the islands of Ile St Marguerite and / or Ile St Honorat. Lenglui and I took the lazy option and had a leisurely breakfast of fresh croissants I bought from the village before a bus ride into the town of Cagnes-sur-Mer to get the train to Cannes.

Cannes is lovely. Great feel about the whole place - laid back, wealth that is a little faded but friendly and not ostentatious. Very pleasant to wander the streets in the shade. Cute shops in both the Old and New Town areas which were staffed by mostly European natives - didn't get that sense of tacky tourist junky shops manned by people of South Asian or Oriental descent as one gets in much of Italy and the UK. And it was clean. Streets were pretty spotless. 

The Ham and Cheese Salad. Well tasty.
Got to the lunch venue early and parked ourselves with a coffee and some water. Cocoon specialties were the big salads - various types of cheese with Serrano ham which duly got ordered. Not bad and disgustingly healthy. Lots of it and washed down with non alcoholic water which made a pleasant and welcome change from the boozy lunches of the past week or so. Young staff, one from Ireland. They had a board on which they were pinning notes from around the world. I gave them a new RM10 note and they took our photo. Fun and cheerful and light and breezy. A shade stiff pricewise perhaps, but this is Cannes. Their Facebook page shows they seem to be doing well. Nice sunny memory. 

Where exactly are we?
A quick walk through some of the old town would lead us back to where the car was parked, so that became the route. The old town is a maze of small streets full of more knick knack stores and some amazing meat and cheese places. Well shaded and with lots to maintain interest, it made for a lazy meander back. We stopped at a wine bar for a livener whilst the others went off photo shooting. It's easy to see why Cannes is favoured by the beautiful people and we less than perfect can only come and gape in wonder and dream of how life must be for the favoured and the visually blessed. There were some absolutely stunning ladies walking the main street. Young, shaped, perfect hair and sunglasses and shaking the hip with the walk. Yes. I do like Cannes. 

Back to the car and a lingering drive back to the vllla via the long route through town. In retrospect this was good in that we got to see parts of the land we'd otherwise miss. Got back to the villa and I don't remember what food we had or where we had it. Think maybe it was bread, ham and cheese. And wine. Slept like a pig.

Cannes - where the Fat Cats hang out

Heading back to the van through the Old Town

Main thoroughfare back through the Old Town

Our view of St Paul-de-Vence from the Villa

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