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Monday, April 20, 2015

Burgundy and The French Riviera (10 of 12) - Mirazur, Menton

30 Avenue Aristide Briand, 
06500 Menton

This is a Michelin 2 Star outside a town called Menton on the coast between Monaco and the Italian border. We would be heading back to Nice for the night before some would fly to Paris and we would get a train to Milan. Someone also wanted to do a restaurant we had missed earlier in the tour. And just as well - it would prove one of the food stars of the entire trip.

Don't have much memory of checking out of Monte Carlo. I think I went to get some croissants for breakfast… or maybe we had bought something the day before… anyway, we had some coffee and something to eat and a fairly easy morning before out and off to Menton. Steven had a bit of trouble getting the car to the hotel entrance from the car park but he eventually got there and we loaded up and off we drove. No rush today, with an hour's drive to Menton ahead of us and another lazy lunch in prospect. 

Looking out to Menton from Mirazur
We got to Menton which was all slow traffic and shops and quite pretty in a seaside kind of way. We had input the restaurant into the GPS and were heartened when we saw signs to the restaurant. These quickly disappeared. The GPS was screaming for us to go out of town and back towards Monaco which seemed wrong so we doubled back. On finding a charming lady who spoke impeccable English, she advised that the GPS was correct and we had to go past the town and look for a left turn past a petrol station and the restaurant would be on the right. Which it was. We parked up and got seated and waited for the others. Lesson - pay attention to French GPS. 

Waiting for lunch to begin
We were slightly early which gave us more time to enjoy the ambience of the restaurant. One of those with another magnificent prospect overlooking the Med, and a brilliantly warm and sunny day to boot. We sat at our table and enjoyed the light and the sun and the delightful breeze on the coastal air. The others rolled in after about twenty minutes. Lunch was to be a fixed price (Euro98 though notes say Euro85 - must have upped his rates before we arrived) and again the food was okay, though little stirs the memory. Chef Mauro Colagreco came out to say hello. His name was pretty much emboldened on all the promo literature the Mirazur had on offer. This kind of PR seems necessary for the chefs to be seen to be hearty yet intense and presumably ready to hustle should potential investors make themselves known. No, I'm being cynical. But it must get wearing on these guys to have to press the flesh and explain why they are who they are and how they stand out. But I remembered him, so it must have done something. Don't remember much about the food or the wine though… again no notes. And even now looking back at the photos, no memory of tastes come through - perhaps too much in a short time. But a hugely pretty place in the late spring daytime. Glad we did this. 

Marbre de foie gras
Homard - Tomates et oignons confit
Loup - Moules de bouchot et sauce safran
Canard de Challans - Mouselline de carottes, jus corse au citron
Peches Melba
Marbre de Foie Gras

Bisque de Homard - lobster bisque

Sea Bass with Mussels and Saffron sauce

Roast Duck with Lemon zest

Peach Melba

Petits Fours and table decoration

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