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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ben's KLCC - good food, annoying wine order

Hmmm… bit miffed at our dining experience at the Ben's in KLCC over the weekend. 

Ben's is one of our default places to eat before a concert at the MPO. Food comes out pretty fast and is consistent in taste and quality terms. It also enjoys a brilliant location overlooking the KLCC Park and the dancing fountains. A great place to enjoy a sunset. 

We ordered our food (Fish and Chips for me, Steak Sandwich for Lenglui) and their special three for two wine deal (NB asked if we could have one red and two white but were told cannot - so it goes). I nipped off to the car to retrieve something and on return found that the wine had not arrived apparently due to no glasses and would we like our wine in a flute glass. Kudos to the staff member for looking for an alternative, but clearly not too knowledgeable on wines and glasses. The answer was no and the wine order was cancelled. The food arrived and as we were eating we got interrupted by one of the other staff members saying that glasses were now available and our wine was coming. I told him we had cancelled the order because it was too late to drink with the food but he would not give up and kept trying to sell us the wine idea. He clearly had no idea that he was interrupting our enjoyment of the food and talking to him was making the food go cold on the plate. I finally had to be quite insistent and told him to please go away and let us enjoy our meal in peace. He did. Three minutes later, someone came with our wine order. Again I had to say it had been cancelled. Pretty annoyed by this time, we finished the meal in silence. Not an enjoyable experience, though the fish was quite tasty and the french fries were hot. Good tartare sauce too. Perhaps it was bad timing for communications between the staff, but the friend who would not let us eat in peace was darned annoying. 

The bill showed GST and came out at RM94. Felt like a whack in the wallet for the food we had.  Don't think we will be back for a while but it shouldn't make much difference - the place was pretty full (Saturday night, 7.30pm). Elsewhere in the KLCC, Uncle Chili's was doing a roaring trade with punters queuing up outside to get in. Chinoz looked a bit quiet, thought the Food Court on the second floor was busy. Saw a Kyros Kebab outlet there which was quite reassuring to see they were still around. Great kebabs full of solid meat and coleslaw - total comfort food when you need something solid and fast. We used to have them regularly when they had an outlet in The Mall. I would pick up a couple on the walk home and enjoy them with a glass of Chardonnay. Have to go back and see if they maintained their standard. 

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