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Monday, December 3, 2012

Best Western Hotel November 11th 2012

Went for the wedding of Brother Ho's daughter. Lenglui and I were joined at the Table by Dato Kok and wife, Kelvin, and Key from the Amante group, and by Victor from Spanish Passion who was supplier of the wines to the restaurant. Food was okay, though the chicken seems to be the memory - succulent and a bit oversalted but lovely nonetheless. Dessert also. Victor's Spanish whites were tasty, good firm body and crisp acidity. Kelvin brought a Chilean red. First time I'd ever come across someone bringing their own wine to a wedding. It does make sense, though. Most hotel wine is pretty mediocre stuff. At least with your own you know you'll enjoy it with friends. Sang the usual Yue Liang Tai and Pang Yau for the wedding. Mix up with singers and songs meant that Lenglui had to change to singing "Only You" instead of her wedding party piece "The Wedding Song". To have both of them sing the same song was cannot, even though the bride's mother thought it would be okay. Lenglui did it well. But she would have nailed the Wedding Song way better than the other singer. The groom seems a pleasant chap - well balanced. 

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