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Friday, June 1, 2018

Cannes to Paris Avalon Cruise September 2017 - Day Ten

Monday September 25 2017

Somewhere in the night we had seemingly docked at a place called Tournus to allow for the early risers to go off on an excursion to either Chateau Cormatin or a Chardonnay tasting at Chateau de Rully. The ship would then sail to the town of Chalon where the buses carrying the excursion seekers would rendezvous. Not the best of sleeps. Must have been all the singing the previous night. 

The Spanish Dancer
Charlie and Karen's CdP
We opted against the excursions and enjoyed a long and lazy breakfast which got followed by me going pack to nap and do some packing whilst Lenglui parked with a coffee and read the papers. After about an hour, Lenglui came back to pack so I trundled off for the same coffee and papers and make some notes. I also finally got my photo of the Spanish Dancer. 

The ship was pretty empty - most of the Cruisers had gone off on the tours so it was quite quiet and strangely peaceful. I also took the opportunity to leave one of my South of France tour books at the library in the Coffee Lounge - again conscious of weight on the upcoming Easyjet flight. I left my website addresses for Youtube and this Food Blog in hope that they may get a logon. 

It was quite a dull and grey day with pockets of blue trying to poke through. The scenery had become pretty flat and treeless for the most part. A few birds here and there but not much to grab the imagination. Though Beaune beckoned, and the promise of some decent wine purchases to be made. 

Cheese and Mustard Tasting - Cruisers waiting on Starter's Orders
We docked at Chalon to allow the excursioners back on board for lunch and straight off for our final destination of St Jean De Losne where the buses to take us all to Beaune and Dijon for the train to Paris on the morrow would pick everyone up. 

The Mustard
Can't remember lunch or the afternoon (probably sleep and final pack) but there was a Cheese and Mustard tasting in the Lounge which would prove quite tasty. Never had mustard with cheese before, and the ranges of taste would prove, er, tasty. Not sure I would do it again though; much prefer pickle and chutney with cheese. Didn't buy anything. 

Sundown over St Jean De Losne
It was quite a pleasant evening weatherwise by the time we docked at St Jean De Losne. 

Lenglui wrapped up against evening chill in St Jean De Losne
We all assembled for a final Captain's Cocktail and Disembarkation briefing for the morrow - basic detail about which bus to get because that would be where the bags would be and what time to be on them - and then dinner. It was quite a pleasant evening weatherwise by the time we docked at St Jean De Losne. As we had pretty much packed everything, and were still pretty full from the cheese tasting, we decided to go for a pre-dinner stroll around the town to see what was there. Not much, as it would turn out - big church on one corner, some shops and food places that were quiet and that was it. There was a birdge that led to another part of the town but we couldn't get up the energy nor the fire to want to go explore. After about thirty minutes we were back to the ship and supping the wines. 

Quite tasty. Forgot what it was....
Dinner again was by now forgettable, as was the entertainment. The bills had been settled, with the result that there was kind of "the holiday is over" feel about the evening and all we wanted to do was get back to the cabin and sleep. Which we did. It would be a long day tomorrow - early bus to Beaune, bus to Dijon, TGV to Paris, bus to the hotel. Good night everyone.  

Cheese Plate on Avalon Affinity

One more of the Spanish Dancer ;D

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