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Wednesday, March 28, 2018



Can't remember anything about the KLIA end - half a memory of some young gangly hungry looking Chinese driver with a shedful of tattoos on the neck and arms eventually getting us to the airport - he looked shattered at 3pm in the afternoon. But we got there safe enough despite him needing a pitstop to refuel on a couple of Red Bulls. Our flight was at 7pm and landing in Delhi just before 10pm. I cannot now remember anything about the check in nor the flight there or back - not a thing. Has flying now got so routine?  I guess so. 

Oh wait - the food. Yes. Now I remember. We were in the cattle class back left of the plane and I opted for the vegetarian rather than the meat dish and it was delightful! Firm chapati, and excellent dhal. Well tasty. 

We landed at New Delhi - the airport looked clean and bright and ultimately quite a long wheel to immigration and bags. The nightmare about scrabbling to save two clean pages in the nearly passport was dissipated by a single chop from the officer on duty. Phew and bastard to the website for putting me through nonsense grief and stress. 

Out into the bright that was Delhi airport. I saw a man holding a sign for our hotel and naturally went to him. He had no record of us on his list so off he went to check and instructed us to sit for a while. I got a coffee to help break some of the big notes I was carrying and sat in the slightly over warm cafe. The server spoke English - good sign. Think we also grabbed a sandwich, figuring it would be a bit late for food by the time we would get to the hotel. Lenglui is smart like that. 

Lots of people milling about as they do in airport walkways. Lots of men on their handphones, presumably checking for their pickups. After about what felt like thirty minutes, our man came back and scuttled us to a big ass black Mercedes which whisked us to the Leela Gurgaeon in about fifteen minutes. Arriving at the place, it was massive - long sucker of a driveway which we had to drive along and return back. We would later discover it was attached to a shopping complex which became our destination for the morrow. 

The reception was magnificent - all big and bigass and marble and flower displays and wide walkways. Getting checked in took a little time - they had the reservation but there was no apparent connection to the IWFS group. Not to worry - Credit Card solve everything and we were swiftly in our room. Big ass again - lots of black marble, deep sunken bath, TV that spoke English - and sockets to charge up the phones and devices. Done. Plugged in and TV on and pretty much a straight eight hours. Excellent. Pre Day done. 

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