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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Okay lunch at db Bistro Moderne in the Sands

Had a burger at db Bistro Moderne ahead of going to see the visually entertaining but ulitmately dull Dirty Dancing musical. This is another of the franchises operated in Singapore whereby celebrity chefs lend their name and expertise to a restaurant that bears their name. Daniel Bouchon apparently is famous. 

The website says the db Bistro Moderne is Chef Daniel's reinterpretation of "the classic Parisian bistro while sharing the energy and style of his acclaimed db Bistro Moderne in Midtown Manhattan." Under the direction of Executive Chef Jonathan Kinsella, it offers "an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavors, and a world-renown collection of signature burgers."

These places do seem to like to bandy their names liberally, presumaby to brand them into the brain and reinforce whatever branding does once it gets there. It's the Donald Trump concept gone ballistic - say your name often enough and people will accept it as meaning something and standing for a particular set of values. Yes. Well, and okay and it clearly works in attracting the well heeled and Ferregamo shoed of Singapore since the lunchtime crowd was out in force and enjoying the place hugely. And indeed the lunchtime ambiance is very pleasant, with nice easy lighting and a clean chic feel to everything. Service was smart and efficient, though maybe a little bit slow in the kitchen - even so, not enough as to warrant complaining.

Lenglui had the Yankee Burger, I had the Frenchie Burger and Favourite Son in law had the Original dbBurger - this was the full works sirloin burger with braised short ribs and foie gras. Mine was okay, good meat patty and a fair chunk of it though the initially salty fries got quite dry lower in the paper bag. At S$27 I felt a bit stiffed though would have felt more stiffed with the Original coming in at S$42. Favourite Son in Law wolfed it down without so much as a burp at the end of it. I much prefer the pizza and salads at the Mozze but there were no seats so that was that. 

Ultimately, okay but forgettable food. Sorry…  Maybe dinner is better. Certainly looks good from the photos on the food blogs. 

For the record,  Dirty Dancing had some fantastic dancing, mostly good acting, though not enough continuity of story or character development to hold attention. 

DB Bistro Moderne
10 Bayfront Avenue
#B1-48 Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 8525
Mon to Fri (Lunch): 12pm – 5pm
Sat & Sun (Brunch): 11am – 5pm
Sun & Mon (Dinner): 5.30pm – 10pm
Tue to Sat (Dinner): 5.30pm – 11pm

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