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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Excellent Sausage Pasta at Gallo D'Oro Singapore

This is a hole in the wall Trattoria that we got brought to for dinner after a marathon six hour drive from KL. So maybe I was not in a total frame to critique food. Sitting down and opening the wine was most welcome, though. We'd brought a bottle of our CdP Vieux Telegraphe 2009 white burgundy and our dinner hosts brought a Ducru Beaucaillou 1996. A bit peppery on the mouth with spice and peach on the nose, this old CdP favourite drinks nicely on its own and pairs well with a range of foods.

Translated into the Golden Rooster under the control of Master Chef Carlo Marengoni and billed as "authentic northern Italian home-styled cuisine" the Gallo D'Oro is a small and cosy space in Central Mall. Established just over a year ago, it has become a useful addition to the growing number of eateries competing for the Sing dollar of the expats and nationals. It is nicely simple and rustic, having little in the way of exotic embellishments that some places seem to think are necessary. In truth, all many of us really need is subdued yet sufficient lighting to see the food and a table and chairs with enough space for glasses and elbows. And for servings of Chef Carlo's comfort food to get served and shared and consumed by the group. Which the Gallo D'Oro does nicely. Enough space between tables to create privacy and practical in a cosy way. 

The website tells that the philosophy of Chef is that food needs to be shared so many of the dishes are prepared to do exactly that. Which fits in perfectly with the way that we in Malaysia eat our food. So share we did. 

I am having some difficulty remembering much about the food. The starter salad was okay, rocket and arugula with possibly seafood - the website does little to jog the memory on this, I think the menu has changed but the website maybe has not.

Having said this, the homemade pappardelle pasta, Foiade del Gallo D'Oro, with peppery chunks of pork sausage was a stunner - fresh, firm pasta with a peppery porky bite that hit the spot nicely. 

We had a Roasted Suckling pig with vegetables which was…. okay, though not really able to compare with what you can get in Spain or the Philippines. They really know how to roast a pig so that the skin is crisp whilst the meat is succulent. Wines were lovely - the creamy and rich Vieux Telegraphe 2009 CdP lifting the pepper and pasta whilst the silky Ducru washed down the greasy pig.  Lovely Tiramisu to finish - light and creamy and disappeared on contact with the tongue. Food prices looked fair and offered value. Think there was corkage, and would assume so since a fair wine list is available.

Chef came out to say hello, but we didn't stay too late. Would definitely go back for the Sausage Pasta and Tiramisu, and maybe try something different on the menu. A great place to go when you need that dose of good solid comfort food. 

Trattoria Gallo d'Oro
7 Magazine Road
#01-03 Central Mall
Tel: 64388131

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