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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Script to Beychevelle dinner - Shang pulls a stroke!

Found out recently that the restaurant imposed a charge for the water. Seems a bill for RM600 was presented to the organiser for  those who had ordered still or sparkling. The staff had apparently not advised the patrons that water was  chargeable. This had happened to me on a previous wine dinner with regard to getting charged for coffee. The fault is ours for assuming. If we'd known the still or sparkling was chargeable as extra then we'd have insisted on tap water. But I feel the hotel bears some responsibility here. People assume that when they pay one price for a wine dinner then there are no extras. Expecting patrons to read fine print with regard to water and coffee without advising of a charge is not acceptable in a hotel that claims five stars. It leaves a very bad taste at the end of the evening. We used to call it pulling a stroke. Once could be classed an oversight; twice might suggest a policy of disinformation. It certainly blots the Lafite copybook and by association the ShangriLa hotel. I wonder whether the wine dinner organisers will go back there? Don't think I would....  better to go to Sage or Cilantro. Cheaper car parking too.

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