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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ben's KLCC - Butter Chicken Curry is Belter!

October 19th 2017

Been away for the last two months on a bit of an odyssey taking in Wales, France and Sicily, with lots of food and drink adventures generated along the way. As they are not really Kuala Lumpur dining, I think perhaps they require location in a separate weblog for ease of distinction. It will probably be called "Brian's Travels and Eats" following the simple yet memorable example of that of my mate Julian and his excellent blog "Julian's Eating". Will keep everyone updated as and when things get posted there. Especially on Sicily - brilliant food, excellent wines, wonderful people, and well reasonably priced. Would definitely go back there. Maybe get to see Mt Etna this time - bugger rained us out for our three days on the slopes. 

Anyhow, reason for this post is to give a shout out to Ben's in KLCC and look to kickstart the food writing after such a long layoff. Lenglui and I have been frequenting Ben's on and off for the last five years or so, mostly as a dinner spot ahead of a show at the MPO with our still missed Dr Gan (three years this Halloween).  It was and remains solid well prepared and tasty food and not priced so that your wallet squeaks too loudly. 

We found ourselves there for lunch on Deepavali first day 2017 and for some reason it all came together. I had the Butter Chicken Curry with rice and a lovely Mint Raata with cucumber and cranberries in yogurt with plain poppadum, washed down with a pint of draught beer and all speedily served by friendly professional staff. Paired with the company of the Lenglui and the view over the KLCC pond and dancing water against the internal city skyline, it all made for a surprisingly memorable lunch. I concede it might not be the first choice destination for many, but I was nicely impressed enough to want to pen this report. The quality of the ingredients, the mix of tastes, the perfection of the beer on a dry throat with curry and rice, all welded together by getting sat with a window view on a sunny day in the centre of KL. Haven't felt so good after a lunch in the city for a long time. Most pleasant indeed. I did not photo the food because I didn't expect to write anything about it. Strange how it goes, eh? Sometimes you got to thank someone or something for times like this. Hope to return to enjoy it again sometime soon!

The skyline view over the pond from Ben's at KLCC
NB Lenglui had the Monster Nasi Lemak which she said felt a bit ordinary - it came with a serving of battered soft shell crab which she felt didn't really add anything in taste terms. I didn't try it so maybe I shouldn't speak out of turn. I've had Steak Sandwich, Fish and Chips and Salads there on past occasions, all of which were solid. I'd easily go back for any of them. Though this Butter Chicken Curry and Beer was belter. Well worth a try. 

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