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Friday, July 28, 2017

Boys Night at Casa Rosa - excellent steak!

Plump oysters - belter!
July 26 2017

A magnificent evening of steak, oysters and wine where we all got happily drunk whilst feasting on some really good and well cooked meat. 

The Boys all rave about the steak at Casa Rosa, and we are all friends with the owners IJ and Cynthia who are always hugely generous with their time and food. They also operate the Jakes Place franchise. Casa Rosa is located in The Pines condo complex in Mont Kiara, requiring visitors to negotiate the guard at the gate, get your visitor laminate and find a parking spot (easy on a Wednesday night, weekends a bit more complicated). Casa Rosa had a previous incarnation in Damansara but had to move when the BIG group bought over the property and renovated the entire row of shops.

One of the magnificent steaks
I had always found the steaks at both the old and the new Casa Rosa to be good but not great. Solid and wholesome, but lacking in some je ne sais quoi something. Couldn't say that about this visit - excellent seasoning, hot on the plate, tender as a bedroom whisper and with perfect bite and chew. This was big ass rib eye that tasted magnificent. I think there were different marbles because the menu and bill showed different prices and different designations - some were SK, some were SSK but it wasn't clear from the menu what these all meant. Find out next time. 

Winewise, we had Sparkling South Africans and a couple of whites to start (an Oyster Bay, naturally, and my 2014 LFE Reserve from Chile) before hitting some well tasty red. Interesting contrast between the crisp and frisky Oyster Bay and the aged and layered LFE. The bit of stink on the LFE put some people off, but once past this the wine offered rich apricot and a hint of toast. Not bad.

The Boyz
Can't remember much about the reds, but there was an Italian magnum along with various other lovelies. I took a 2012 Bordeaux which went respectably well with the meat whilst all the others look pretty Italian from the photo. There was one big ass Aussie Shiraz that came out at the end, possibly bought from the Casa as a nightcap which was delightful. 

The booze
The bill came out at about RM350 ish per person for four dozen oysters and five steaks between nine of us. No corkage but I did slip the wine boy a few Ring for his trouble. After this he kept feeding me wine - there had to be about five glasses in front of me at one time. Everyone seemed to think I was slow in drinking but I don't think so. I had made a friend.  

Would I go back? Yes. The ambience is friendly, the service is good, and the steak was excellent. Well worth a visit, though maybe select a designated driver or Uber - the booze at Casa Rosa can flow a bit too easily!

Casa Rosa
Mont Kiara Pines, Aspen Clubhouse
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-6203 1978


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