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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wine Trends in 2017

Cute article by Elin McCoy, Bloomberg's wine buff and writer, pinpointing what to look for in wine in 2017. Is a bit USA focused, but still a good read. Source is Malaysian Reserve Jan 11, 2017 and the link below.

In sum, these are

1 Sparkling wine from more places - fizz is on a global roll with demand for bubbles up across the planet. Should mean more nations will embrace methode champenoise and produce cheaper yet fair quality fizz to satisfy the thirst. English fizz is establishing, but look out for good Lambrusco, Cava and output from Tasmania. 

comment - unlikely in Malaysia. Taxes going up, very niche, have to compete with established lines on price. Well worth a punt if overseas, though.

2. The Loire Valley should make an impact, with more elegant wines at reasonable prices. Given the grim winters in Bordeaux and Burgundy (and the consequent price hike due to scarcity of good booze), the happy Loire harvest should reap vinous dividends.

comment - sounds good. Hopeful Dear Leader or others might bring in at value prices.

3. Light red wines should boom because they're easy to chill (and taste better as a result), easy to drink and perfect with food and friends. Think Loire, Alto Adige, Alsace Pinot and Austrian Zweigelt. 

comment - totally works for me. Great with all the styles of cuisine we get in Malaysia. Bit hard to find though...

4. Chugging wine from cans took off in 2016 and is expected to not slow down any time soon. They are easy to chill, no need for glasses or corkscrew, and easily recyclable. Also look for "cortas" - flat short plastic Bordeaux style bottles that fit through a letter box. 

comment - Cans...  not for me. I would fear a metallic tang. Decent wine deserves a decent glass. But Cortas - absolutely. Now we can have daily deliveries - does anyone remember the Milk Man? Though I can't quite see the Romanee Conti coming in a Corta. Not that it comes in the first place...

5. Less snobby wine lists - goodbye to the leather tome, and hello to the Ipad. Or magazine. Or something more fun and less austere. 

comment - maybe not yet in Malaysia - restaurant wine lists are rarely extensive enough to last beyond five pages and the connoisseurs BYO anyway. Though I could see it happening in Singapore. 

6. Public wine on tap - there is one in Ortono, Italy which is there to nourish and refresh the pilgrims walking the Cammino di San Tommaso route. The Pilgrims fill a glass from the taps and give thanks and praise. And it is 24/7. 

comment - free public booze? In Malaysia? Never happen. Unlikely anywhere, for that matter. Except maybe for the White House - El Trumpo apparently has a vineyard and free samples would make sense. Keep the US rakyat skulled for the next four/eight years…

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