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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Torres Wine Dinner at Stoked - good, not great...

Part of a desktop clearing exercise December 2016. More a report for posterity than a review. Some good photos of IWFS friends. Be a few more like this over the next couple of weeks.

6th April 2016

Muzzy. Bleugghh. Didn't sleep too good. It was that last fricking Muscat at the end after the Brandy, sicky sweet and full of alcohol that did it. All the booze racing through the system and keeping the heart thumping and stimulated. Bastard. No self discipline to say no to the final glass. Not many notes on the food or wine. But got some great photos which were worth the post. 

We have always enjoyed the Torres we have seen in the Supermarkets, especially the Santa Esmeralda - lovely sweet and prickly juice, wonderful when ice cold on a burning sun kind of day ahead of a sit down slightly chili-fied sumptuous Chinese spread. Todays wines were new to us so would be interesting to see how they fared.

First thoughts. Brilliant presentations of the food on the plates. The food outshone the wines completely. Wonderful prawn and bread. Getting regaled upon by the staff and table to suck the head - used a spoon instead. It was huge taste. Sucky sucky yum. 

Excellent pork and olive dirt salt, and the use of lightly seared Zucchini (courgettes?) as vegetal crunch was wonderful. Dessert was most pleasant and frisky fresh. Downside was that the Steak was a bit tough - Lenglui had to leave it on the plate. I regret to say that I did too - not sure why it was so tough but I did find it difficult to chew. Should have asked.

Wines were good. The Chard was full firm and tropical in the mouth and the Reds were equally characterful, but somewhat stiff in price terms even after the most generous discounts being offered. Not easy to fork out RM200 for a Chard or RM300 for a red. Sorry. Rather hold out for Yin-How's excellent sales in January and snap up the bargains. Brandy was pleasant but not enough to warrant a purchase. But we bought a case of the Albarino cos we liked it. Bit more oily and full and makes an occasional change from the usual Oyster Bay SB we drink. Great when cold - going to have it with Paella at some place called Fat Olive tonight. Texas says the place is good. We shall see...

Trio of Canapes
Torres Pazo das Bruxas Albarino 2014

Carabineros Prawn
Ice Plant, Cherry Tomato on Vine, Black Olive Soil
Torres Milmanda Chardonnay 2012

Wood Roasted Iberico Abanico
Portobello Mushroom, Lemon Garlic Zucchini, Ardoino Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Torres Perpetual 2012

Cantabrian Chuleton Steak
Kipfler Potato, Capsicum, Penja Pepper Sabayon
Torres Gran Murales 2005

Passionfruit Curd
Fresh Fig, Chocolate Soil. Vanilla Ice Cream
Torres Moscatel d'Oro NV

Coffee or Tea
Torres Brandy 10 Years NV

May Peng and Lenglui

Dato Jeremy and Datin Kalsom

Doc Stephen and Dato Jeremy

Vanessa and Doc Su Kim

Carabineros Prawn

Wood Roasted Iberico Abanico

Cantabrian Chuleton Steak

Passionfruit Curd

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