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Sunday, August 9, 2015

G-Spot in Plaza Damas - well hit!

Shout out for a small eaterie in Plaza Damas called the G Spot. G is for George, according to the logo, and it is a tiny little hole in the wall place next to our favourite DVD store on the street level of the complex. It is in the middle of the same block as the TGIF. Lenglui and have been there a few times for lunch over the past few months and they are consistent in their quality and seem to be surviving as a result. Inside sits about ten, outside sits about...  ten. It is clean, breezy, and plays Jamie Cullum jazz. Very pleasant. 

We like their Fish and Chips hugely because you get two pieces, it is hot, the chips are light and crisp and crunchy without being dry, it comes with a slice of lemon and some zippy tartare mayonaisse, and best of all……  (drum roll)…..  real vinegar for the chips. Total taste of the UK here in KL. Was RM35 for two baskets of Fish and Chips - not unfair. The coffee looked good, too. 

Hope they survive. So hard to find decent fish and chips in KL. Many have come but have gone quite quickly. Hope the G-Spot survives. They've certainly hit it for us every time!

M05 Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas 50480 KL

Tel 03-6206 5612

Update February 2016 - they are now indeed closed. Dam shame.

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