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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ante in Publika - it just got upped!

July 24th 2015

Shout out for the Ante at the Publika. En route to a show at the TLC in Plaza Damas, Lenglui suggested we go there for dinner. We were last there about six months ago, courtesy of the FBQ with the traditional battle cry "New place, must try, must try!!" Which we duly did. Lenglui enjoyed the food, but to be frank I had little memory - I recall who was there and drinking wine but the food did not sear into the brain. 

Tonight it did. We each had a most excellent Pork Steak, full of heat and juice and tasting like one of the best I've had for many a year. I normally steer clear of pork steak; restaurants usually overcook them to dry tasteless oblivion. But Ante did a brilliant job - it was tender, perfectly cooked and nicely charred, and came with a garlic herb butter dip on the side which added just enough oily covering to let the salivatory glands kick into delightful top gear. And it was hot when it arrived at the table. Can't remember the last time I had hot food at a table in a restaurant. It was a belting meal - total soul food. 

House Special Pork Steak with Garlic Butter sauce - magnificent...
We each had a glass of the Chilean SB and Chardonnay house wine. The one glass was just enough and proved a good mouthwash to clean the garlic butter dip from off the mouth. We also had brought a bottle of Pinot but felt unwilling to pay their RM55 corkage for just the two of us. We would sup it at the TLC. Their wines are pretty mediocre and quite heftily marked up for what they are. 

The bill was about RM160. Ante is located on the ground level and faces the road. You can park outside if you get lucky. You will also see it on your left as you enter the Publika car park. Parking at the Publika remains a mystery in terms of getting to one's destination in the mall, though surprisingly on this occasion we found our way there quite easily.

Definitely on the "let's go back there" list. Will bring a tasty wine for it next time.

March 5th 2016 - went back there, was not so good. House white wine had that oxidised whiff and felt like it had been opened and left a bit too long in the fridge. House Pinot was grim. Caesar Salad was good - finely grated cheese and bacon dust - and the Garlic bread was hot and greasy. The Pork Steak disappointed. Not sure how it had been treated but the taste was more like luncheon meat than firm pig flesh. Limp, and not even the heart attack butter sauce could revive it. Service was friendly and efficient. Would not go back on this showing, though the place was full for 7pm on a Saturday night and booked out for the rest of the evening.

Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-6206 3364

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