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Thursday, July 10, 2014

DV Ristorante Pizzeria - not so good

Our Menu - note the "Main Curse"

Had a dinner with the Amante at the DV Ristorante in Damansara the other night. The web reviews and reports were quite glowing so it was with some high anticipation of a good food night that we made our way to Damansara.

The restaurant is on the corner of the shophouse block on Jalan Setiabakti. We remember it as Lords the Tailor and a flower shop run by old friend Carol. I think they still operate the Decanter chain around the city. Parking was easy on a Thursday night.

The restaurant itself was a long strip littered with simple chairs and tables and in dark brick with a bar to get the drinks out. We were seated on a long strip of tables next to the windows, with one extra table that had been commandeered for the booze. 

Under the deal secured by the Amante, we were supposed to each get two free glasses of their house wine with the dinner. We never tasted it - we had brought loads of our own, so much that we didn't get around to it. Corkage was RM33 per bottle.

Scallop and Parmesan Crust and Lap Cheong Tomato
Good wines brought by everyone, though can't remember what they all were. Mostly red. I brought a Giesen Pinot Gris 2011 which was crispily peach and banana with a sugary bite and a Le Volte 2011 which was dark and moody fruit and drank most nicely. There was some lovely fizz to start and Dealerman brought some bigass Penfolds Shiraz which was massive powerful. Good drinking night. Good glasses from the restaurant too, though the service was grim. Not enough staff to man both kitchen and wines. I took over the booze.

At the start of the dinner whilst the wine was being quaffed, someone asked where were the bread rolls and got told none would be provided. Hmmm. Bread rolls are pretty standard in Italian places.  Felt a bit… cheap. Not the best of form to start the evening. 

Linguine al Pesto
Foodwise the evening was not startling, though the kitchen was quite brisk in getting the food out. Little taste or texture on the scallop which was overpowered by the salty parmesan crust. Though the arugula with the dried baby tomato was firm in the mouth. Kind of like a peppery fruit lap cheong with a salty textured chew.

The linguine came out looking (and subsequently tasting) like a ball of floury rough stodge given flavour by the pesto.  The beef was tough and unchewable with no taste. The lamb fared slightly better though again on the tough side. Some said they enjoyed it. I found it inedible. Didn't try the fish. The vegetables were good, nicely undercooked  and tasting of mushroom with the texture of abalone. The Tiramisu was lovely - cream, sweet, spongey gunge, sprinkle of coffee - very very nice. Can't remember if there was coffee - don't think there was. Most of us were all happily chugging the wines.

Black Angus Tagliata - tough and dry
Equally good was the Braesola Pizza that Dealerman ordered, presumably to fill the belly given the failure of the other courses to do so. It rocked - great crust, good cheese and fresh greens. This might be where DV shines. Certainly on this outing the rest of the dinner was not of a standard we can get elsewhere in the city. Maybe a bad night, but given that there were only 20 of us and a sprinkling of other patrons one would expect a kitchen and staff to be able to cope. Would go back for the Pizza and desserts but that would be it - the mains were pretty grim. 

Baked king Scallop with Parmesan Crust on a bed of aragula

Linguine al Pesto

Main Course
Black Angus Tagliata 
Oven Baked Cod at "Cartoccio"
Charbroiled Lamb Loin


The lovely Tiramisu


and after!!


DV Ristorante Pizzeria
77 Jalan Setiabakti
Damansara KL
Tel 03-2098 2001

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