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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good evening at the Ichiban Boshi at Solaris

Got invited to a Thank You for a vocal stint performed for the Phoenix Welfare Foundation. They raised funds through "A Hat Affair" at the Renaissnce and I did a song for them. 

The Thank you was at the Ichiban Boshi at Solaris, a Japanese Bento and Sushi style outlet at the Publika in Kuala Lumpur.  Choices included Unagi, Chicken, Steam or Garlic Rice or Udon with the set.

We started with some Tempura and Sashimi which were nicely fresh and succulent. Should have called for some horseradish sauce for the tempura but trying it with wasabi was a new and not unpleasant experience.

The Bento came out with the usual assortment of Udon soup, Steamed egg. I opted for Unagi and Garlic rice.

The Unagi was very tasty, having a seared Foie Gras texture yet undercut with that sweet barbecue sauce unagi always seems to come with. The steamed egg had a good light fluffy texture, whilst the Garlic Rice was a shade salty. Green tea got refilled quite often as a result to desalt the tongue and throat.

The Bento came with grilled Mackerel which was really good - oily and crisp if a bit overcooked but making for a fabulous match with the rice, soaking up the oil which also offset the salt. Accompanied by the house sake heated in its ceramic jug, the whole was most enjoyable. The Puan Sri bought a big 1.8 litre bottle and insisted the table had to finish it. We couldn't. 

Would return to the Ichiban with the Lenglui if we are passing. Heard say that the Burger man at Red Bean Bag is no longer there, so the burgers may be less than their usual stellar. Should try again some time though Ben's gets our nod at the moment for the steak sandwich and the salads. Prices are inching up, though, and portions seem to be shrinking of late. 

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