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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pizzeria Mozze in Singapore - worth a visit.

I found myself as a tourist in Singapore with the Lenglui's family in the run up to the CNY holidays. After a most pleasant morning wandering through Chinatown and visiting the excellent Gardens By The Bay, it was suggested we go eat pizza. None objected. We had all been overdosing on Chinese cuisine and clearly shared a felt need for something Western. So it was that six of us arrived at the Pizzeria Osteria Mozze in Marina Bay Sands Mall with the view to ordering a dish apiece and sharing Malaysian style. Mozze is one of those celebrity restaurants franchised by the chef Mario Batali across the globe. Presume the business model is that he gets a fee for his expertise and branding whilst the Sands pays the salaries of the staff. Located on the upper level, it took a bit of finding for people not used to the Mall.  Mozze lunchtime was full, though we did get a table after a ten minute wait at the bar. Business was clearly good for a Friday lunchtime before the long Chinese New Year holiday.

For the food, it came quite quickly. The Salami salad was good, though a shade salty. Green bean salad was tender and crunchy, whilst a meatball and cream pizza was excellent as was the Panini sandwich. Free lemon zest water was pleasant. We were all too hungry to comment critically on the food; we were all just so happy to enjoy a good solid Italian lunch. Service was considerate and friendly and fairly efficient. With coffee and one dessert, lunch came out to SGD200 after tax, which is probably not bad considering the location. The Osteria is a connected though separate area exclusively reserved for dinner patrons, with an interesting menu and wine list. Would happily go back for lunch, and would be very keen to try the dinner menu. Worth a shot if you feel the need for crunchy pizza before a Theatre Show or a gambling session at the Sands.

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