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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ben's Restaurant Publika - excellent burger!!

Ben's Restaurant Publika Jan 20th 2013 lunch

We've been patronising Ben's Restaurants for a couple of months now. Food quality and preparation is generally of standard and a fair value proposition for the prices being charged. 

Ben seems to have a knack for developing tasty nutritious dishes with high quality ingredients and which don;t feel like too much of a burden on the credit card. They do a fair seleciton on their wines as well.

I had the Fisherman's Catch on Friday evening at the KLCC outlet and tried the Cheeseburger at Sunday lunch. 

The Fishermans Catch was… forgettable. It was nice and all, just not a dish that made you go "wow". Will try the standard fish and chips next time. Lenglui had the usually excellent Steak Sandwich and yet again it did not disappoint. Full meat, well seared and high quality chunk of Angus beef. 

The burger was excellent, succulent meat and well cooked on a soft but firm bun with great tasting cheese and just a hint of spicy tomato sauce. The fries were a bit wooden on this occasion, though they have been delightful light and wispy crunches in the past. Maybe the burger could have been a bit larger - I could get both hadns and mouth around the thing. Normal burgers elsewhere don;t allow for this. Notwithstanding, ten out of ten on the burger. Definitely one to return for.

Lenglui had the quiche. Pastry base was very tough to cut - overbaked and well wooded. Though the quiche was good - fluffy yet firm with lots of filling. Wouldn't buy it again, though - not with a base like that. How to trust?

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